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LOL: International Photography Exhibition
By PH21 Gallery

International Deadline: November 20, 2017 – PH21 Gallery invites photographers worldwide, 18 years or older,  to submit their original work for a group exhibition themed LOL.

We are looking for submissions from photographers who are interested in this subject and would like to share their work with a wider international audience through the exposure of PH21 Gallery. The theme is broadly construed; we are looking for any photographs whose subject or pictorial solution results in a funny or playful image. We are interested in all possible creative photographic interpretations of the theme.

Photography is a serious business, and so is humour. To join in the year-end festivities, PH21 Gallery is seeking submissions that explore the funny and playful side of photography. The source of humour may reside in the subject of the image itself. However, the specific use of the medium, combined with the creativity of photographers may also result in playful images in which the effect does not come from what is being depicted but from the way the subject is photographed. There are countless photographic means to create pictorial humour; from the surprising use of perspective, the particular way of framing a scene, the juxtaposition and incongruity of the elements of the image, double exposure through the creation of photomontage, visual puns or optical illusion, the possibilities are endless. Humour, too, comes in many different forms and kinds. For this exhibition, we seek any take on pictorial humour that makes the viewer smile or laugh or grin. We invite the funny, the absurd, the witty, the wry, the dark and the light as well as the ironic, the jocular, the sarcastic, the political, the mischievous, the ambiguous, the thought-provoking, just to name a few.

Works will be on display December 21, 2017 – January 13, 2018.

JUROR: Zsolt Bátori
Zsolt Bátori is a philosopher of art and photographer, living in Budapest. He has taught philosophy of art, photography theory and photography courses at various universities in Hungary, the United States, and Argentina, and has exhibited his photographic work internationally. Zsolt is also the founder and artistic director of PH21 Gallery… see more

One juror’s choice and up to three honourable mentions will be selected and announced. The juror’s choice receives three free entries for any upcoming themed group exhibition calls at PH21 Gallery. (Each free entry includes up to 15 images.)

PH21 Gallery archives all photography exhibitions electronically, allowing us to promote our exhibiting photographers to curators, collectors as well as the viewing public. Our website also functions as a virtual gallery site, and all photographs included in our exhibitions are published on the dedicated page of the exhibition.

The entry fee is €15.00 for the first 3 images, €20.00 for 5 images, €25.00 for 7 images, €30.00 for 10 images, and €35.00 for 15 images.

There is also a special rate for students and unwaged persons as well as for applicants from low-income economies. (see here)

Visit PH21 Gallery online for complete details and to Apply.

Exhibition prints will be kept on file for a year for future promotion unless the photographer prefers some other arrangement. In case of a sale inquiry the photographer will be promptly contacted. PH21 Gallery commission is 25%. (Submitted photographs, however, do not have to be for sale, and exhibition prints will never be sold; they are for exhibition and promotion purposes only.)

Submission deadline: November 20, 2017
Notification: All entrants will be notified 7–10 days after the deadline.
Exhibition dates: December 21, 2017 – January 13, 2018

PH21 Gallery is a contemporary exhibition space established in 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. The mission of the gallery is to provide group and solo exhibition opportunities and international exposure for contemporary photographers around the world.

PH21 Gallery
H-1092 Budapest
Ráday u. 55.

Szkéné Theatre Annex
H-1111 Budapest
Műegyetem rkpt. 3.

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