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Call for Artists
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By 3 Square Art Fine Art Gallery

U.S. National Deadline: May 17, 2017 Ė noun: visual perception, perspective, imagination, creativity, innovation, inspiration, intuition, perception, a pleasure to behold.

Appropriately named for our first show, Vision is about imagining something thatís not and bringing it to life. Each Artist has a vision that inspires them to create and communicate their ideas with various mediums through their artwork. The Artistsí vision defines them and provides a context in which they see and understand the world. Some artists focus on details while others on line or color or texture. No two artists will see the same thing. Who are these artists and why do they do what they do? And what can their art tell us about them?

Artists express how they see their world through their vision. Some artist may focus on details in a realistic manner, transform color into a non-objective abstraction or color field, focus on the texture, use symbolic elements to express their vision, or transform their vision into geometric shapes or lines. Artists have many different ways to express their vision even when viewing the same object.

We are looking for all kinds of work where artists create their vision using their unique artistic sense and style. Showoff your artistic vision to the world! Itís open to all media types and styles including realism, abstract, minimalism, color-field, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, symbolism, and more.

What can we learn from someone elseís vision? Will their vision change the world or simply provide a whimsical smile? Whatís your vision?

Open to all media.


  • 3SA Gold Award: $200
  • 3SA Silver Award: $100
  • Honorable Mention Awards: 2 Fee submissions to future 3SA Calls for Entry

Selected artists for the exhibition receive the following benefits:

  • Posting to 3SA website and social media platforms
  • Professional exhibition space and display of artwork
  • Top gallery in Northern Colorado (great additional to resume)
  • Gallery and online exhibition of work with link to artists website
  • Press releases to 3SA and Artistís media outlets

$35 for 3 images, $5 for additional work (up to 5)


Exhibit Date: May 1, 2017 Ė May 26, 2017
Opening Reception: May 5, 2017

3 Square Artís Fine Art Gallery is the newest and finest art gallery in Northern Colorado. The beautiful space and high ceilings provide the perfect venue for varying sizes of works and installations. The gallery is focused on the ďSĒ component of CSL (Creating, Sharing, Learning) or Sharing and will feature exhibits from national and international artists. 3 Square Artís ongoing exhibits feature themed topics to push the boundaries and business of art as well as to have fun and connect with others.

3 Square Art
2415 Donnell Ct Ste 110
Fort Collins, CO 80524
T: 970-581-9046

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