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Computational Artist-In-Residence
By BU Arts Initiative

International Deadline: June 15, 2019  Inspired by a myriad of art/science collaborations including programs at NASA, Xerox, SETI, and Bell Labs, the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computational Science & Engineering, BU Spark, and the BU Arts Initiative are seeking an artist in residence for a period of four months who will work with our students, faculty, and the community to explore and inspire computational based art and create art that explores, as John Seely Brown (former chief scientist at Xerox) put it, new ideas, new ways of thinking, new modes of seeing and new contexts for doing.

This residency will be deeply immersive in process with student and faculty, providing opportunities for both to explore the creative process with and around computational science.


  • Use of one or more computer science domains in the art (e.g. AI, data visualization, computer graphics, computational geometry, computer vision, etc.)
  • Accomplished artist in one or more mediums with a track record of exhibition and/or installations
  • Experience teaching and/or mentoring college age students

Scope of Work/Roles and Responsibilities

  • Create new art based on exploring, and/or using computational approaches (e.g. data science, AI, computer graphics, etc.)
  • Conduct up to 6 workshops or speaking events for the BU and the greater Boston area on topics within your area of expertise
  • Curate/Advise on an interdisciplinary student hackathon
  • Curate end of residency exhibit with new work (or work in progress) developed during the residency (could also include work of students and/or community on related themes/technology)

Four months Aug 15 to Dec 15, 2019

$4500 per month as an independent contractor

Resources: In addition to the stipend, the following will be provided

  • Housing
  • Studio/office
  • Faculty Mentor(s) from the Computer Science, Engineering, and/or the College of Fine Arts
  • Student Assistant(s)
  • Creative materials budget


About the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering
The Hariri Institute for Computing fosters, nurtures, and propels research, curricular, and extra-curricular initiatives that promote discovery and innovation through advancement of computing and data sciences and through integration of computational technologies into emerging applications that address societal needs and challenges in a world increasingly shaped by algorithms and driven by data.

About BU Spark!
BU Spark! is an initiative to support student innovation and experiential learning in computing and data sciences. BU Spark! aims to help students realize their technical potential by providing access to resources, knowledge, and expert networks to support their innovation journeys while also serving as a bridge for interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration at BU focused on computing and data sciences.

About the BU Arts Initiative
The Boston University Arts Initiative in the Office of the Provost was created in the fall of 2012 with a mission to ensure that the arts are a vital component of the student experience at Boston University, and to build community awareness of and engagement in the arts at BU. Our programming reflects the interdisciplinary, global, and urban nature of Boston University and is primarily driven by faculty teaching and research interests.

Boston University Arts Initiative
775 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 201
Boston, MA 02215
t: 617.358.0489

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