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Superfine! The Fair
By Superfine!

International Deadline: January 4, 2019 – Superfine! is the fun, approachable, alternative to big box art fairs. We provide real value to our artist and gallery clients, and countless opportunities for our collectors – who span both long-time collectors and affluent young professionals who may have never collected before, but want to.

Join us in the city of angels for the inaugural edition of Superfine! LA, touching down from February 14-17 2019 at uber-hip DTLA’s “unconventional convention center” Magic Box at the Reef. Spreading out across 18,000 square feet, Superfine! LA will comprise two distinct spaces: the Artist Pavilion, dedicated to four programs geared towards emerging solo artists, and the Gallery Pavilion, comprised of 30 galleries representing the top emerging talent from LA and around the globe. In addition to the two pavilions, Superfine! is bringing its first A/V program to Los Angeles and is currently accepting proposals for the two 600 square foot rooms that will comprise audio-centric and video-centric installations.

Promotional partners include Hi-Fructose Magazine and artnet, with committed coverage from Bloomberg, Art Zealous, and LA Times. Each of our fairs generates north of 60 million digital impressions and sees between 5,000 and 10,000 in person visitors, 20% of whom make a significant art purchase.

SUPERFINE! Fairs: Approachable, Transparent, Fair. (Oh, and Fun.)
Everything Superfine! revolves around transparency. From our easy-to-read artwork tags (believe it or not, collectors want to know the price) to fairly priced exhibition space with no arbitrary discounts or preferential treatment, our approach to the new art market is consistently above-the-board in every way possible.

The result? We bring artists and galleries to market in a friendly, fun, and fair atmosphere while creating an approachable space where new and established collectors both arrive ready to discover and collect our exhibitors’ carefully curated artwork.

Never satisfied with the status quo, we take a hands-on approach to collector-building and curation in each of our markets. Expect cutting edge digital marketing and re-targeting, programming geared towards all levels of collectors, and the highest curatorial standards for an emerging-level fair.

Our approachable new art market appeals to not only dyed-in-the-wool collectors but those who’ve never collected before, and want to. Deep demographic research combined with targeted marketing and PR mean we’re serious about not only bringing thousands of eyes to your work, but fostering actual sales. Of the 5,000-10,000 attendees at each edition of Superfine!, more than 20% make a purchase.

For more information on Superfine! LA and how to apply, please visit

Once you have reviewed the floor plan and prepared your application, please submit your application along with 5 sample artwork images to the email address provided on our website. You may also use the DocuSign feature on our website to submit your application directly – in which case you still need to send your sample images by email.

Your application will be reviewed within 24-72 hours of submission and you will be notified if you have been accepted into Superfine! L

Superfine! Hq
68 Jay Street, Suite 201
Brooklyn, NY, 11201

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